Sunset Cruise for a Hero

Sunset Cruise for a Hero

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Give the gift of relaxation on the water! Purchase a ticket for a frontline healthcare worker or first responder to head out with us on a private 2-hour sunset cocktail cruise. Tickets are for 2 people (max) and the cruise will transit around Wickford Harbor and the West Passage of Narragansett Bay while watching one of our renowned West Bay sunsets!

For this cause, we are offering tickets at a discounted/half price of $100/per trip for 2 guests. Our professional Captains are volunteering their time to help keep costs down and proceeds will go to running the program and covering the boat expenses. Any extra money generated will be donated to the North Kingstown Food Pantry.

We will begin the Sunset Cruises for Heroes in June and book as many trips as we can safely staff our boats through summer.  We will start booking on our 22-foot powerboat and then if we become busy we will add our 39-foot sailboat to the rotation. Complimentary wine and beer and some snacks will be included for each cruise. ­

Cruises will be weather pending. Since we can not predict the weather out past a few days, cruise schedules will be announced each Sunday. Participants will be scheduled to join in the order that the ticket purchases were received.  

Here is how you can purchase a cruise for a healthcare worker or first responder that could use a 2-hour treat to a relaxing escape: 

  • Choose "Go Boating" above.
  • Choose the quantity of 2-person tours to purchase. At least one of the guests on each tour must be a frontline healthcare worker or first responder
  • You will be emailed a receipt. Respond to that emailed receipt with the names, nature of their employment, (ie healthcare worker @ XYZ or paramedic in XYZ), and the contact email of the guests. We will reach out to the guest to arrange the cruise on your behalf!
  • If you do not know a healthcare worker or first responder but would like to purchase a trip for an anonymous one, we will choose from a recruited list of local heroes based on recommendations from our recruitment efforts and take them out on your behalf. 
  • If you know of a deserving recipient of a Sunset Cruise For Heroes but are unable to gift them one, email us a brief story about this hero to and we will add them to a list of potential candidates to receive an anonymous gift of a cruise.