Able Seaman

Able Seaman

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The CC/OP Able Seaman course is 40 hours and fulfills the educational requirements to receive a USCG Able Seaman Certification. The Able Seaman curriculum includes formal classroom training in deck safety, general deck duties, general navigation and rules of the road in addition to marlinspike seamanship. Testing is conducted at the completion of the 40 hour course and is conducted in our classroom, not at the Coast Guard.


Please note that this course does not meet the requirements for PSC or Lifeboatman which is required for AB Unlimited, Limited or Special. Contact us for PSC training dates and information about the Lifeboatman course.

Special Pricing: Confident Captain/Ocean Pros offers an enrollment package which allows students to enroll in the AB Certification program and Master 100 Ton Captains License at a discounted price.