Dock A Lot (Advanced) - Powerboat - PVD

Dock A Lot (Advanced) - Powerboat - PVD

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Climb aboard our 2017 Carolina Skiff "What Cheer" with Captain Tom and learn to enjoy boating while developing confidence at the helm. You will learn the advanced fundamentals of outboard cruising and advanced docking so all your voyages are fun, stress-free and safe.

  • Motoring with forces such as prop walk, prop wash, wind and currents
  • Master tough maneuvering situations like upwind, downwind, and crosswind scenarios
  • Operate with confidence in close quarters and in various weather situations
  • Maneuver and cruise at high speed
  • Control trim and speed to handle waves, swells and wakes
Reservations must be made by Noon of the previous day. 

If the class you are looking for doesn't meet on the day you are available, contact Kristin Stone ( for availability. We have some flexibility in our schedule and we will do our best to arrange a suitable date/class for you.  

Our Location:
A leisurely 25-minute walk, or 10-minute drive from the RI Convention Center, Kennedy Plaza and all major downtown hotels, our docks are located at The Fox Point Marina at 525 South Water Street, Providence, RI 02903. There is ample on-street parking throughout the neighborhood and a small parking lot in front of the marina that you may use on class mornings. We will meet you at the marina gate, located on the far left side of the fence.

What To Wear/Bring:
Please wear comfortable clothing, boat shoes or sneakers. Our boats are uncovered, so we suggest sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and a light windbreaker, if necessary. Bring bottled water and/or cold beverages in a small hand-held cooler.