Dock A Lot - Powerboat - Wickford

Dock A Lot - Powerboat - Wickford

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90 Minutes - This class meets every other Saturday morning 8:30-10am

Learn the basics of docking and maneuvering in tight quarters. Take the stress out of boating by knowing that you can come back to the dock with skill and ease!

Come aboard one of our powerboats with a professional captain and boating instructor who will help you enjoy boating while developing confidence at the helm. Learn the fundamentals of docking and maneuvering to make every voyage fun, stress-free and safe!

Learn to:

  • stop, turn, and keep control of your boat even in windy conditions.
  • dock alongside a face pier
  • dock in a finger slip
  • depart the dock safely
  • avoid the marina neighbor that pulls out in front of you! 

Already confident at the helm? This 90-minute experience is valuable for your spouse, your children, and anyone else who might enjoy giving you a break at the helm!