Short Range ( Radio ) Certificate

Short Range ( Radio ) Certificate

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The RYA VHF course is for anyone who owns a fixed or hand-held marine VHF radio.


The Short Range Certificate is the qualification required by law if you operate a VHF radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling (DSC).

A VHF radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures.

RYA VHF Radio Online Course takes roughly 5 hours of home study. You will need to study the course and pass the questions. You will receive a pre-course pack containing the RYA VHF Handbook or if overseas, an Ebook, plus your exam application form.

Once you have passed, print your exam application form. This form is required on the day of your exam showing that you have completed any pre exam courses satisfactorily. You will need to take the exam and practical assessment at Confident Captain/Ocean Pros or at a RYA Training Center. The VHF Operator’s Course is examined using radio simulators. The exam will also include a short written test and is conducted by an independent assessor who is paid by the RYA, not by the training center. On the day of your exam you will need to pay $60 to the RYA for the practical and theory assessment and the issue of the certificate. This can be done by check, credit or debit card.